30 April 2010

HOW TO: How Kids Minimize the Risk of Internet Predators

Most of us have seen the show 'To Catch a Predator' with Chris Hansen. I'm a big fan, so in this post I'm going to talk about what kids can do to minimize the risk of being targeted by Internet predators. This is a part of a series of posts, made to educate parents and kids about online predators.

Most people think that if the parents would just raise their kids right, then this online predator stuff would never happen. I agree to a point, but you gotta factor in the kid's ability to choose.

In the last HOW TO post, I talked about that. Everyone knows its important to educate parents, but today I'm going to give kids enough info to make the right decisions when responsible adults aren't around. My goal is to help take away the curiosity factor that plays a big role in most of the decisions that people make.

So lets get started. First things first, never download images from an unknown source. They could be sexual images, something you want stay away from as long as possible.
And if it does happen, let an adult know immediately. That goes for images that are sexual or anything that happens online that makes you feel uncomfortable or frightened.

You always have the freedom to stop any e-mail communication, instant messaging conversations, or chats if anyone starts to ask questions that are too personal or suggests something sexual.

Right up there with foreign passwords, you should choose a gender-neutral nickname. Get out of the habit of giving away personally identifiable information (phone #, address, email, age and gender) online; not to mention a series of photos of you in different phases of life.

I once had a friend on Facebook with thousands of photos of herself and just about as many friends. She was an aspiring model with a great personality. She attracted a lot of people, but since no one is that close to so many people, she become an easy target. Learn how to use social networking sites responsibly. Just make sure you have fun with ... be a little silly with the nicknames and try being elusive with the photos. If its too different, you might not stick with it.

Use email filters.

With that said, don't be afraid to hold someone else accountable. Make a family agreement about Internet use. Write it down and post it by the computer to remind the whole house to protect their privacy on the Internet.

Keep in mind that this is only 'how children can minimize the risk of being a victim', there's more. Next,  'what do you do if you or a child you know is being targeted'.

In the meantime, enjoy a clip from Chris Hansen's 'To Catch a Predator'.





29 April 2010

Will Corrective Rape Be The Cure?





Do it better than Lady Gaga II

Last week in the post about Mac's Viva Glam campaign, Lady Gaga suggested her fans become celibate to protect themselves from the Aids virus. The campaign supports global HIV and aids projects.

As promised, I'm picking up were she left off, giving you the 'how to' on celibacy. Yes, its cool if this isn't your choice right now. And yes, these tips work! Today ... tip 1.

The first thing you want to do is 'make the decision'. Make sure this is something you really want to do. It can be great if you are doing it for the right reasons, but considered another waste of time if you don't start with the right attitude and fail early.

Do like Gaga. Be the first in your peer group to raise your hand and stand out. Even if your past is a little messy, Gaga says its still cool. But if I were you, I'd do it better than Lady Gaga.

The next tip ... May 1st. Stay with me on this. It gets good.






28 April 2010

No Volunteers For This Job

I came across a Facebook post a couple months which included a guy inquiring about teen prostitution. "... How someone could allow themselves to be pimped anyway", he says. So I took him by the hand and guided him to the right information and kept him informed on the whats, whys and hows of sexual exploitation, because there just isn't one answer.

After today you can say you know a little more yourself. The first thing you've got to know is no one volunteers to be exploited. Regardless of popular opinion, opportunists prey on young, weak and naive victims.

In the process, women and girls that are pimped or trafficked can go down many roads that all lead to degradation and humiliation for another person's gain. There are sometimes visible indicators of this typeof behavior in and around business establishments. These indicators include:

27 April 2010

HOW TO: Parents Combating Internet Predators

Most of us have seen the show 'To Catch a Predator' with Chris Hansen. I'm a big fan, but what this post is going to talk about is how parents can help their kids fight Internet predators.

First lets start with the thought process behind approaching kids about this sort of topic. Lets say all your attempts to guide the child away from certain situations has failed, keep in mind that it will never be the kid's fault. So, no restrictions here, just guidelines to follow and take with them after they leave the nest.

You want to talk to your kids about sexual predators and the potential online dangers that are out there. Curiosity will work against you in most cases if this is something you try to avoid.

Online privileges aren't a bad thing but know that children and chat rooms should never go together. There is too much at risk. If this is something you still want to do, then when the maturity level is right and the trust factor is there, let them know its okay to use the well-monitored chat rooms for kids. Even teens should be encouraged to use monitored chat rooms.

When kids are young, limit them to only the family email address instead of having their own accounts. As they get older, you can ask your ISP to set up a separate email address, but the kid's mail should still reside in your account.

Keep the computer with Internet access in a common area of the house, never in a private area in the house or the child's bedroom. It's a lot harder for predators to establish a relationship with your child when the computer screen is easily visible to parents and the rest of the household.

Instruct your children to never leave the public area of a chat room. Many chat rooms offer private areas where users can have one-on-one conversations.

If your children participate in chat rooms, make it your business to know what chat rooms they visit and who they talk to. Monitor the chat areas yourself to see what kind of conversations are going on.

Teach your kids to never repsond to instant messaging, emails, tweets, blog posts or Facebook entries from strangers without you knowing about.

When it comes to places outside your area of supervision, like the public library, school, or friend's house, find out what computer safeguards they use.

Remember, kids aren't the blame in any case. The offender always bears complete responsibility for their actions.

Keep in mind that this is only 'how you can minimize the risk of a child being a victim', but theres more to come. Next I'm going to talk about 'how kids themselves can stay alert and steer clear from predators'.

In the meantime, enjoy a clip from Chris Hansen's 'To Catch a Predator'.

Dont be oblivious

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a growing global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to PREVENT the sale of people, PROTECT the trafficked and PROSECUTE the traffickers.

26 April 2010

Prostitution Facts

Does research prove that pornography is behind this (sex trafficking) because so many people think that pornography is harmless?

The Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children both recognize that pornography is an element that adds to the serious problem of sex trafficking. Many traffickers are found with filming equipment and cameras to create and sell pornography. Increasingly, pornographers are seeking younger and younger girls and boys for their films and pictures; thus, they have to go where the children are unprotected and vulnerable to capture.

If porn fuels demand, what, if anything, is being done to curb Internet porn?

The Department of Justice has expressed its intent to prosecute major pornographic Internet companies that violate decency laws; their reports indicate a significant increase in prosecutions. One company, Extreme Associates, is currently being prosecuted and other investigations are underway. For more on this topic, including CWA’s concerns over enforcement and ways for citizens to encourage enforcement, see DOJ Busts Internet Web Site for Obscenity and Porn Industry Moans for Good Reason.

This question was answered during a Concerned Women of America convention with Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D


Rural America's Own Sex Tourism

"This stuff is just truly bizarre," said Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo. "These were mice that had their tails cut off, they were smothered in Vaseline and they had string tied around them."
Just when you think you got enough figured out to write a blog and draw supporters ... you here something like this. It's a video about a guy named Douglas Spink who was arrested earlier this month in Washington. The video says it all but I'll give you some hints: beastiality, sex tourism and one man's philosophy on animal care.



Bye, Bye bigbabykenny.com

"It is one thing to talk about the benefits and liabilities of sex tourism,” Foubert added. “It is quite another to promote it and help facilitate it. Professor Ng is helping to promote and facilitate it. That crosses the line."-John Foubert of Oklahoma State University

bigbabykenny.com has officially been removed.

Last week in a post about books and websites I talked about this very site and how it was being used to educate men on sex tourism in Thailand. I admit it was a good site and the professor who started it had some vaild points about why he was doing what he was doing, but that still doesn't give it any merit.

I hope people get involved more often when it comes to stopping sex crimes against people who can't fight for themselves. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out the article and join a group in you city to make some things different. I know I am.



23 April 2010

Do it better than Lady Gaga

Gaga says, "and I can’t believe I’m saying this – don’t have sex. I’m single right now and I’ve chosen to be single because I don’t have the time to get to know anybody. So it’s OK not to have sex, it’s OK to get to know people. I’m celibate, celibacy’s fine."

While two of the most unique girls, Lady Gaga and Cindi Lauper, are promoting safe sex and no sex with Mac's Viva Glam campaign, its safe to say that choosing to be different may save your life. The campaign supports global HIV and aids projects.

Its obvious Lady Gaga is okay with being different than her peers, but in an interview in Britain earlier this month she makes a good point about having the confidence to be different, and most importantly, 'sticking to your guns'. Some cool advice for a pop star like Gaga, but lets pick up where she left off. Click below to read more.

"We were asked
  really sort of snidely if we think that promoting make-up to young people – like ten years old – is a bit much. It’s exactly
 that kind of mentality that I want to challenge."

22 April 2010

Book vs. Websites, what works best?

I read an article this morning about a guy who created a website that gives men information on how to hook up with a woman from Thailand for sex. The man's name is Kenneth Ng and he happens to be a professor at California State University at Northridge.

Kenneth used to be a blogger attached to a site that was run by a bar in Bangkok. Well Kenneth posted a comment giving advice on how to pick up girls praying to the Muariti Shrine, and that it was a good idea because Buddha works in mysterious ways.

Now regardless of how true or funny the comment was, the bar took his blog down. Then came the website, bigbabykenny.com/.

An obvious issue with the site, professor at a univeristy or not, is "should this guy be allowed to advise men about sex tourism on his site".

Kenneth's final quote of the article is, “The job of the university is to expose students to the world – not just a politically correct view of the world and not just the good parts of the world,” he said. “If a student reads that [site], I personally think it’s good for them. They learn about something out there; maybe they disapprove of it and they don’t think it’s good.”

His website and other websites like this seem to want to make others aware and not hide whats true. Whats really out there. Interesting approach, but what are the real pros and cons to it. And is there some sort of hidden agenda that could do anyone any good?

I have also come in contact with a book that I think goes well with the story. I've mentioned it before, it was written in 1912 by a Chicago doctor named Carle C. Quale. The name of the book is Thrilling stories of white slavery.

The book is just what is says, stories about white slavery or forced prostitution or sex trafficking or what ever you can call it these days. The stories come across as being real and even emotional. The author trys to hit home with a crime that most don't believe still existed back then. I just chuckled because that was 100 yrs ago.

One thing that Carle tries to do is compel you to act against this crime, but to also educate others that you love. One Quale quote is, "Will your conscience as Chrisian men and women permit you to stand idle and let the unfortunate victims cry in vain for help?"

Another is, "Virtue does not mean ignorance; for ignorance is the very thing that creates the White Slavery."

Now, we've seen some material that we may or may not have known was out there. You can probably call it educational material to a degree, but I'm guessing most people will pay attention to content when they go through this stuff. I don't think the problem is content so much as its how we use each one of these resources to our benefit.

Assuming everyone knows right from left, can you take each piece of material and use it to benefit your child's upbringing? Lets make it any child for that matter. And by your child's upbringing, I mean can you point out those vital pros and cons that exist in each and allow them to make a quality decision based on the information(not content) provided? If not, then I suggest you stay away whichever my become a distraction to you to try to pull this off. Maybe book sets you off, but the websites just aren't your thing, then don't force it, but don't lose an opportunity to see things for what they really are either.

From what I can see, both websites have 'perspective' about travel to asia and about it's prostitutes, but they also show how these individuals view sex and relationships and even life. Some good, but most I believe can't be duplicated without problems.

And the book? If it was good enough for back then can it still give insight to the same topic with today's audience? I think so. With that I also think that to much of anything can take away from it. But I think the real problem will be denial. If people deny that this could exist in America or in their town, its gonna be too easy to say, "it won't happen to me". These people probably won't read the 89 page book, so forget about suggesting it to someone they love. But can this help with making a quality based decision when it comes to strangers, sex and relationships? You bet!

My questions to you are, "are you willing to use these websites to educate your children about whats out there when it comes to sex? Could you suggest the book as a must read for children before they leave craddle? And if you couldn't do one of these or either, then why?

21 April 2010

New Low for Mafia or New High for Media

"The mob, as we see it today, has lost all respect, lost all the historical culture that it was intended to have since 1931, and that's because they're becoming their own best customers within the drug culture."-Joe Coffey, former commanding officer of the New York Police Department's organized crime unit.

This is old news and a statement to make about a small time two bit, street gang on the corner that is very unorganized. Not the Mafia. The cops and politicians are more tied to these guys than we will ever know, and thats not to exclude the FBI. Who cares if you finally caught a female in their crew?

The problem isn't the envolvment of a gangsterette. The problem is this has been going on for some time now and you treat it like its new; but its not.

I came across a book a few months ago about this very topic. Organized crime using young women to provide unique services to the elite in our community. The book, Thrilling Stories of White Slavery, by Carle C. Quale. As you can see its not a new topic and its not even original.

Tactics used to lure young women, using other women is as old as prostitution itself. But trafficking of women in this country, well thats atleast a century old by what the book tells us.

Drugs, guns and prostitution are all said to go hand in hand. What about prostitution and black mail? Just one example, but it sounds like a great way to get a politician or judge wrapped around your finger.

I got an idea! Lets stop treating the public, who by the way pays for all this adult investigative adventure stuff, and keep them in the loop. I bet if this was talked about generations ago, we would be more on the look out and less surprised and off topic.

Inform your kids about how characters in stories like this could impact their lives. The more we talk and the more we act against the kind of people this story talks about, the more prepared our families will be.



The "Who's Who" of Sex Trafficking

I was asked a question on Facebook a few weeks ago about an article from the Chicago Tribune's Mary Schmich. I posted on sex trafficking being a problem here in America and not just over seas. I contacted Mary on a number of occasions and she was not available to respond.

To bring you up to speed, we discussed an idea about tackling the demand side of sex trafficking. You shut down the demand for services provided by women and girls who are force into prostitution, and this would be the key to turning the whole industry around. Well today I want to start with who the traffickers are. The people who are responsible for connecting the prostitute with the john; the child actor or actress and the pedophile.

Traffickers consist of a lot of different roles, not just the pimps we hear about. The list includes:
Investors - who fund trafficking.

Recruiters – who find people to traffic; they are often members of the same community as the victims.

Transporters – who facilitate the departure and transnational movement of trafficked persons.

Corrupt public officials – who assist in obtaining unlawful travel document, or accept bribes to enable migrants to enter/exit illegally.

Informers – who investigate immigration and transit procedures, asylum systems, and border crossings.

Supporting Investors - who fund trafficking.

Personnel and Specialists – who provide other services such as accommodation.

Debt-collectors – who collects fees. Money movers – who launders the proceeds of trafficking

Surprised? Well this is just the tip of the ice berg. Who the johns are and who the victims are may surprise you too. And on a positive note, I'm also going to cover who is standing up and making a difference in the sex trade.

To be continued ...

Its My Life, LIVE WITH IT Presents: Ljiljana Raicevic, Women's Safe House, Montenegro

Ljiljana Raicevic, told Amnesty International in 2006 that human trafficking was a global problem. If you find yourself in Montenegro anytime soon be sure to check in with Ljiljana at the Women's Safe House.

Ljiljana is a rare breed. Before recieving the Ginetta Sagan Award by Amnesty International USA in 2006, she was one of the first human rights defenders in her country.

Since going nose to nose with a corrupt government to raise tough human trafficking issues and fight women's human rights wasn't enough, in 1999, she founded the first shelter for women in Montenegro. It serves as THE focal point of service delivery and advocacy work for women who are victims of family violence and human trafficking. The Women's Safe House has housed dozens of women who were tricked into prostitution since then.

She saw a need for better protection programs for female victims early on and along with the Women's Safe House, Ljiljana successfully lobbied for the adoption of the Witness Protection Law by the Montenegrin Parliament. Take her serious.

In a place where victims have no hope of escape from their traffickers but the shelter, she stands out in a crowd of 'Bottom-line' organization heads that always have a way out if things get too stressful. Ljiljana is truely a much needed hero to the women in her country.

When asked, "what can I do to help?". Ljiljana replied:

"Be active and join to some organization active in this field, maybe a (women) NGO which assist victims. Corragio!"

So, don't live through Ljiljana, like with her as she tackles sex trafficking on the front lines.

Find more stories involving Ljiljana Raicevic.


20 April 2010

Memphis Cop Goes Free After Mistrial

A mistrial is all a federal court judge can say after a Memphis cop is charged with beating a transgender woman and violating their civil rights.

In February of 2008, Duanna Johnson, a man living a lifestyle as a woman, was arrested for prostitution. A simple charge but all hell broke loose when Johnson was accused of not complying with a Memphis police officer.

Johnson stood 6 foot 5 inches and well over 200lbs the day of the arrest. Officer Bridges Mcrae, no small guy either, had 5 witness say he had no reason to hit the plaintiff, but those 5 witness say he did anyway. And because of a surveillance camera in the police station, its plain for anyone can see that he repeatedly hit Johnson in the face while the Johnson was seated. I don't see much of a threat but to make it all worse, Mcrae was also wearing handcuffs around his knuckles during the incident.

With peper spray, tazers and the fact that you're surrounded by other police officers in a police station being in your favor of making a detainee become compliant, why would you hit them like that. This sounds like this guy was very passionate about the situation. Not praying to his lord like he said he was after the trial.

With twelve jurors total, all could say that Mcrae was guilty of violating Johnson's civil rights but one. Right after federal judge Thomas Anderson declared a mistrial, the prosecution said it would retry the case.

Duanna Johnson was shot and killed 9 months after the arrest in early 2008. Mcrae is no longer a Memphis police officer but is able to go home while he waits for the next trial.

My question is, whats the Johnson family gonna do now? What are local civil rights organizations, in Memphis or wherever, going to DO about this? Enough talking. Who killed Johnson and what was their motive? Is this an example of how Memphis treats someone that goes agaist a white police officer? You be the judge.

A lot of unanswered questions with a sad ending. Hard to believe civil rights is still such an issue in 2010.





19 April 2010

Obama: "We have to get this done"

"Don't ask, don't tell" is a policy that prohibits gay or bi-sexual people from disclosing their sexuallity while in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Obama: "I will end don't ask, don't tell."

The Defence of Marriage Act defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman at the federal level.

Obama: "...and I've called on Congress to repeal the so-called Defence of Marriage Act and to pass the Domestic Partners Benefit and Obligations Act."

The next day ...

150,000 people marched on Washington. Like the rest of the world, people in the march say he has the right words, but Obama says, "I'm with you". Participants say it's time for him to put his money where his mouth is, and Obama says, "but we've made progress".

I don't get it yet. On the one hand you have these upset conservatives that know body is talking about, sitting around waiting on the next Obamaism to disrupt their safety bubble, and on the there hand you have these gay rights activist complaining about how much isn't getting done. Why, why, why?

I got an idea. Lets meet in the middle. Someone be happy because the bill they hate hasn't been passed yet and someone be okay with the thought of having a president who is atleast working on making their dreams come true.

If I have to be that somebody I will. Atleast for now, or until Congress says its okay to let gay men use the same restroom as little girls. Will it happen? Hey, why not?

17 April 2010

Lemoore Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting Another Man

A 20-yer-old man is held in a house against his will and sexaully assaulted before escaping.

47-year-old Randy Lee Chiles was placed in a Kings County Jail on Friday with charges of false imprisonment, human trafficking, robbery and sexual assault charges.

Police say this is a serious case of a man being sexually assaulted, beaten and held against his will, but the suspect's wife says its been overblown.

Chiles' wife says that he was only teaching the boy a lesson after stealing their son's iPod. She stands by her husband and insists that he is not guilty of any sex crimes.

Lemoore Police Chief Jeff Laws said, "He escaped from the residence and ran to another residence and asked for help and we do believe he was sexually assaulted while he was tied up in that residence."

Chief Laws also states that the victim was an aquaintance of Chiles, and that he came into the house willingly, but later, was tied up and sexually assaulted.

Neighbors were shocked to hear the charges, stating its "sort of scary being so close to home it's a pretty quiet neighborhood everybody gets along with everybody and not too much happens."

Chiles is being held on $315,000 bail.



Ends Justify Means

WASHINGTON, 17 April 2010 -- Former American University graduate student David Coffey posted this story about sex workers in Thailand on the video journalism site, VJMovement. A graduate of American University's School of Communication (SOC), Coffey last year received the first Backpack Journalism Foreign Internship given by the SOC and the Associated Press (AP). He was posted at the AP's bureau in Bangkok, Thailand.

See David's work here.



Sex and the City Sequal

Why is Sarah Jessica Parker gracing the cover of Vogue's May issue? It just makes since! Vogue picking the same month as the release of her new movie Sex and the City 2 isn't by chance.

With anticipation building for the new movie, Vogue followed Parker(above) during her magazine cover shoot.

Considered a style icon, whether it says Carrie in Sex and the City or whether its just Sarah Jessica Parker turing up to do what shes doing, women of all ages and all cutures see and say, "I want to look like that".

Sarah Jessica Parker decribes how even with a humble childhood her mother would dress the children in dresses making them look like the Kennedys. While admiting they didn't have much money, from that experience she can easily say she "knew what was beautiful".

With the movie's popularity being up 169% this week based on The Internet Movie Database, and the movie already winning a ShoWest Award and Micheal Patrick King directing his sequal to the popular Sex and the City movie in 2008, this follow-up attempt at the addicting 'soap opera' style movie drama is sure to outdue itself.

Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson are set to lace the soundtrack with a duet for the movie theme tune. Sex and the City 2 is set to release on May 27th, 2010.

For more up to date news and information on the movie and its characters check out SATC 2 or find the movie on Facebook at Sex and the City 2.

16 April 2010

How human sex trafficking spurred on a Largo church to act

LEESBURG (FBW/FBC)—With “unkempt” dark hair framing her deep brown eyes, the little 11-year-old girl living at the bottom of the slum was supposed to be adopted by an American family after her mom died unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

But a “slum lord” interfered, threatening to kidnap a missionary’s child if the little girl—whose future was in being trafficked as a sex object—was rescued from the area.

Bill Losasso, pastor of Pathways Community Church in Largo, said his church had established a ministry in Guatemala and he made a decision those two years ago that he will never forget.

“So I decided not to get her out of there,” Losasso said. “I don’t even talk about what has happened with the church. I feel like a failure in it, I hate it—and I’m going to talk about it this time, but I’m going to tell you about what God has done since then.”

In a workshop, “Your Church as a Force in the War on Sex Trafficking,” Losasso was joined by Tomi Grover, director of community and restorative justice for the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
Since the time the young girl disappeared, Losasso said his church has learned all it can about the problem of human trafficking in Florida and in Guatemala. It has learned that the police department has resources and training for churches that are willing to listen—and he has partnered with other churches and community organizations to be a resource and to develop resources for the growing problem.

He urges churches to learn all they can and provide safe houses, counseling, clothes, and rides to doctors and others for victims. They can also host block parties and be on the lookout for victims.

“Churches can do a lot of stuff if they are willing to receive one of these victims,” Losasso said.

2 | 3

How human sex trafficking spurred on a Largo church to act is brought to you by Joni Hannigan and Barbara Denman of the Florida Baptist Witness.

15 April 2010

South Dakota Man with New Indictments in Child Sex Ring Case

A Tea, SD man is hit with a new indictment and atleast three new charges since his first indictment in December of 2009.

Brandon Quincy Thompson, a 26-year-old Tea man located just outside of Sioux Falls in South Dakota was arrested in late November for the trafficking of three child victims for sex in what is being called a child sex ring. Thompson has been held in the Minnehaha County Jail since then.

On Thursday, prosecutors filed a new indictment that points to eight of ten victims being children that were transported across state lines. The new federal indictment also adds new charges of Thompson sending pornographic pictures of children across state lines with a Blackberry; he stole a St. Paul man's identity and used a firearm to commit a felony.

Charges also include Thompson going under the names "Terrence Clay" and " Kadafi" while living in Tea and attempting to solicit the murders of two federal witnesses between February and April.

Tompson is being held away from the general jail population with no internet access by the request of the prosecuters, but he can still use the inmate phone system. Thompson can also see visitors, says Minnehaha County Jail Warden Tim Devlin.

"He's in isolation, but he's not restricted from having any visitors," Devlin said.

Thompson's girlfriend, 30-year-old Megan Marie Hayes, is charged with one count of sex trafficking. An affidavit filed last year claims the two placed ads for prostitution services on the Web site backpage.com. Clients would set up meetings with the girls by calling one of the handful of cell phone numbers Thompson used, the court documents said.

Hayes was released to the custody of her father in Davenport, Iowa, in December.

There is no word yet on whether there will be attempted murder charges filed. Each of the 12 counts relating to sex trafficking carry a maximum sentence of life in federal prison. Both have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The Tea Police Department and South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation assisted with the initial proceedings, but the case now is in the hands of federal prosecutors and the FBI.

"As long as there are charges pending, our case is open," said Special Agent E.K. Wilson of the FBI's Minneapolis field office.

Florida Man Arrested for Human Trafficking

Teusday, Deputies arrested a Hillsborough man who investigators say was trafficking a disabled minor.

Because of a complaint in 2008, 25-year-old Mario Alberto Laguna-Guerrero is charged with coercing a developmentally challenged 16-year-old girl into having sex for money.

It is reported that Laguna-Guerrero brought the teen to various migrant worker camps in eastern Hillsborough County, charging men to sleep with her.

Authorities also say Laguna-Guerrero tried to get the teen to recruit her friends into his prostitution business.

This case was investigated by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Clearwater Area Task Force on Human Trafficking(CATFHT), a law enforcement and social services coalition to fight human trafficking in the Tampa Bay area.

According to CATFHT, Florida is one of the highest destination states for women and children trafficked into the United States.

Laguna-Guerrero's first appearence in federal court was Wednesday afternoon. After standing before Judge Pizzo, he ordered him to be held without bond. If convicted, Guerrero faces life in prison.

Trainee Teacher Cleared of Having Sex With Special Needs Pupil

Trainee techer in UK charged with having sex with one of her pupils is found not guilty.

A four day trial claimed that 25 year old Hannah McIntyre, seduced a 16 year old male student at her home after giving him cider.

Miss McIntyre, of Waterloo, Merseyside, was a classics teacher at Merchant Taylor's boy's school on Merseyside.

McIntyre denied the charge of one count of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust in a Liverpool Crown Court.

She believes the boy made the story up to deflect attention from his bad behavior at school.

14 April 2010

Jury Awards Former Boy Scout US$1.4 Million in Sexual Abuse Trial

Teusday after jurors of a Multnomah County Circuit Court ruled the Boy Scouts of America as being negligent and ordered to pay non-economic damages of US$1.4 Million, Kerry Lewis and his mother, Helen Caldwell embrace.

Kerry Lewis, the plantiff in this case is one of six men suing the Boy Scouts of America. Identified as "Jack Doe #4", Lewis testifies uneasily about being an 11 year old Boy Scout alone with his troop leader in 1983. When on the witness stand being asked what happened he commented, "He grabbed by hand. And he slid it up his leg. Into his shorts."

Troop Leader Timir Dykes had already admitted to molesting seventeen boys, but parents weren't notified. In a deposition, Dykes admitted to molesting Kerry Lewis.

But Dykes isn't on trial here. This is a case against the Boy Scouts of America, who kept confidential files on Dykes and thousands of molesters, intended to keep them out of Scouting, but ultimately to keep the incidents quiet. How the Scouts handled the case of the former Scout Leader was at the center of the lawsuit claiming they hid decades of information on abuse to protect their organization.

Kelly Clark, the attorny representing the six men with lawsuits against the Scouts says that in the 1980's the Scouts knew that atleast one of the boys had been abused by Dykes. And though he was removed as a Scout leader, he was allowed to be a volunteer, and the abuse continued.

When Lewis' mother took the stand, she testified that she only found out about Dykes' past when she and her husband recieved a phone call from the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office in July of 1984.

The police stopped Dykes for a broken tail light as he was driving several Scouts, including their son, for a camping trip on the beach. After checking Dykes' records, he was arrested and the parents of the boys were called.

Caldwell testified that after her husband talked to a Morman Bishop who organized the local Scout progam, trying to describe the look on her husband's face by saying, "he was just stricken."

"I had never seen that look on his face before," she said. "He said they knew he had been arrested for this ... that he had this restriction that he wasn't to be in the company of minors and they felt that it was OK because he had repented."

Dykes was commented on as being "larger than life", said Lewis. "I just wanted ot soak up his knowledge."

Caldwell only learned the truth in 2007. When she originally asked if Dykes had sexually abused her son, he denied it. It was when a case surfaced including several Scouts saying they had been abused by Dykes that she was compelled to ask her son again had he been touch inappropriately, which she said he then confirmed.

Nine out of 12 jurors found Boy Scouts of America and its local body liable for 60 percent of the negligent. The jury said the Cascade Pacific Council, which overseas Scouting activities in the region, was 15 percent negligent and the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints 25 percent negligent.

13 April 2010

Kayden Nguyen Sues Steven Seagal Over Sex Slave Allegations

Action movie star Steven Seagal is being sued by 23 year old former model, Kayden Nguyen. Nguyen claims that Seagal sexually assaulted her and ultimately escaped his home leaving behind all of her personal belongings.

According to court documents obtained by CBS News, Nguyen was hired by the film star last February as an executive assistant at his production company. It was on her first day that she discovered that she was a replacement for one of the two Russian female "attendants" to provide sexual services for Seagal 24/7.

Nguyen's lawsuit claims that on three occassions Seagal sexually assualted her with forced contact or groping.

Nguyen also claims that for six days she was kept against her will at Seagals secluded Louisiana home, where the Seagal family was allegedly staying. Nguyen says that during her escape she was chased in the night by Seagal who was armed with a flashlight attached to a gun.

In an interview with CBS News' Crimesider, Nguyen's lawyer stated that she didn't call the police because he is the police in Jefferson Parish. In Addition to his movie career, Seagal has been a commissioned deputy for 20 years and is currently commissioned in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's department. His cable show, "Steve Seagal Lawman," follows his adventures. (Video clip above)

Steven Seagal is being sued for sexual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for sex, failure to prevent sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and false representation about employment. Nguyen is seeking damages in excess of $1-million (U.S.).

12 April 2010

For a Moment in Time, Traffickers and Travelers Come Together

"For a moment in time, strangers from around the world come together as travelers."

Flight attendants at a large U.S. airline are training other flight attendants on how to recognize signs of human trafficking. Sandra Fiorini, with 39 years on the job, travels around the world educating other flight attendants and arming them with brochures and braclets containing the human trafficking hotline.

While Fiorini was interviewed by Elizabeth Lee of VOS News, she admitted that it was very easy to spot suspected human trafficking. "Most of us are parents. When you see an instance that's not right and a red flag is raised, especially when there is children involved, you're more in tune with what's happening," she said.

Fiorini also shares one incident she came across that included a day old new born and an 18 year old male with no mother and little preparation for a six hour flight. With cases like this surfacing for some time, local authorities have only started to respond to reports of human trafficking and similar reports in the past 2 years, says Fiorini.

Air routes for traffickers are considered the most expensive, yet it is still the most preferable mode of transportation, says Shahnawaz Khan of Daily Times of Pakistan. He also notes that theres a reported 600 active traffickers in the country with the Coastal Belt from Karachi to Balochistan being frequently used by traffickers to cross into Iran.

Khan reports that the FIA (Federal Investigative Agency, their version of our FBI) has failed to stop human trafficking in varies parts of the country. "Every week a large number of youngsters are smuggled out of Pakistan. More than 600 human traffickers are running their businesses in different parts of the country and are using air, land and sea routes for their activities. Although, most of them are arrested or die while crossing borders of countries including Iran, Turkey, Cyprus and Greek," sources told Daily Times.

With estimates of 12 million people around the world still working under coercion in forced labour, slavery and slavery-like practices, according to the International Labour Organisation, will brochures and braclets from airline attendants be enough? Will Pakistan, which is only about twice the size of California, surpass the US in the number of active traffickers operating inside it's borders? Finally, with pressure on the FBI from NGOs and Capitol Hill, lets hope that our efforts are never considered a failure; or is that already the case?