11 June 2010

Movie Review

Title: Trafficked - 2010

Genre: Crime | Drama

Status: Released 21 May 2010

Director: CiarĂ¡n O' Connor

Starring: Ruth Negga, Karl Shiels, Martin Dunne, Jasmine Russell and Niall O'Brien

This is the REAL sex and the city ...
"We highly recommend this film, not just in terms of acting and drama but because it also gives a very good representation of the issue of sex trafficking" Ruhama - an Irish NGO which works with women affected by prostitution.
"This unflinching, bleak drama has been achieved with a strong cast (in which Russell is oustanding), visual imagination and narrative flair on a very small budget." The Irish Times

Plot: The story is based around the central relationship between a newly arrived African migrant in Taiwo (Ruth Negga) and a Dublin-bred man-about-town in Keely (Karl Shiels). Theirs is a knotty association that is born of callous economic symbiosis, but which eventually grows to include a degree of mutual affection. However, Taiwo is a wanted woman, having escaped from the gangsters that brought her into the country, and it does not take the latter terribly long to track down their missing asset, with – you guessed it – predictably gritty results!

No Volunteers For This Job II: Shaddy Business Establishments

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In response to a comment I saw online about teen prostitution, today I'm taking some time to describe where this type of behavior actually takes place.

Victims of sex trafficking are often found in the streets or working in establishments that offer commercial sex acts including, but not limited to brothels, strip clubs and pornography production houses. Such establishments may operate under the disguise of: