22 June 2010

Trafficked Girls Rescued at the World Cup

Here Tom Davis shares a moment in time. When people from around the world are getting ready to get their fill of the 2010 World Cup, South Africa's sex trade is as well.

On Monday I’m leaving with Hayden and Gideon to do ministry in South Africa and attend a few World Cup games. Children’s HopeChest is supporting several orphanage carepoints there and we’re looking at helping victims of human trafficking. Girls are being trafficked to South Africa right now at alarming rates. One of the interviews I’m doing is with the woman in this video who rescues these girls. Watch this, it’s quite disturbing. - Tom Davis, Beyond the Game

Jackie, Jasmine and a Japanese Soldier all Support Prostitution

2006 World Cup, Germany
With the World Cup being the hottest event on the planet, its no secret that South Africa's government is looking to profit from an expected 500,000 foreigners, but so is their sex trade.

More than a year ago activists informed the South African government of the concern of a growing illegal sex trade during the World Cup. Laws to protect victims and prosecute their traffickers were some recommended action steps to take in their preparation. Well a new law was never passed and with no comprehensive law in place the big question now is, "what exactly is being done about sex trafficking during the 2010 World Cup?"

After the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Jackie Selebi, South Africa's National Police Commissioner had a great idea to prepare for the influx of soccer fans and party goers. While speaking to the Parliamentary Safety and Security Committee he was quoted as saying: