18 May 2010

Do it better than Lady Gaga VI

From painting to photography▬Steven Klein's experience as a fashion photographer is extensive to say the least. After working with names like Calvin Klein and D & G, Steven's photos can be described as a story filled with fashion, fantasy and sex, all caught in one shot. But celibacy ... I think not. Its a shame, because he's now the director of Gaga's new video for the song Alejandro.

If you remember last month it was celibacy for Lady Gaga. She told her fans that celibacy was a good solution against the Aids virus, especially since [she's] been without sex for the past year. This month she's somewhere between celibacy, a Steven Klein photo shoot and walking around Sweden in see-through underwear. Which is cool ... no sense in being extreme.

On to my next step about celibacy. Yes you can practice celibacy in a relationship until you get married, if both agree. I actually suggest it. Its a great way to grow closer and put real issues on the for-front; and you do it without all the cuddle time. Trust me, the less you make out when you're dating, the better the first year of marriage will be when you tie the knot.

I heard a doctor tell a story about a young couple who has to live with STDs the rest of their life. The father said that he was always safe with his wife when they had sex. But he forgot to tell her about that prostitute he slept with when he was seventeen. He got herpes when he lost his virginity, so now she has it and so does their new born. The baby was born with brain damage, which is how the doctor realized what happened. So what does SAFE mean anyway? Who knows, just make sure you protect yourself, make the decision and stand by it.

With all the distractions of sex in today's media working against a long lasting relationship, it may even be best to spend more time away from each other before the marriage than you expected. I'm going to go into that a little more next time in our last and final post of the series. For now, do all that you can to do it better than Lady Gaga.