13 May 2010

Do it better than Lady Gaga V

Okay, for those that don't know about this, I've been doing a series on Lady Gaga's comment about celibacy last month. Today I'm going to throw you another bone on how to actually BE celibate. This way we can all do it better than Lady Gaga! It's been a week since the last entry so lets get started.

Your fifth on how to become celibate is probably obvious, but you wanna 'avoid temptation of any kind'. Keep things out of sight (like tv shows, sex scenes in movies, songs with certain lyrics etc) that may get you in a different state of mind. And for men, you have to control your staring at women. There is a book for this.

My sixth piece of advice is to 'do things alone'. Sure book clubs are fine and sports teams are cool, but the time you spend alone will be what helps you grow and even give you a chance to challenge yourself in ways that you would miss if you were just too busy.

Alright, most of us know about Gaga's appearance on Idol last week. Well the producers cut a lot of the performance out because of time, thats right, so here it is. 6 minutes of Gaga performing Bad Romance and Alejandro. Thanks perezhilton.com. Remember to always do it better than Lady Gaga. Enjoy!