28 May 2010

HOW TO: Children at Risk of Internet Predators

In today's world of obsessions and high pressure demands, the demands of an online sex predator have never been more apparent. In my final "HOW TO", post my goal is to wrap up a series about how to fight online predators. If you've missed out on previous posts, be sure to follow the series in the sidebar for more information on how you and your family can fight online predators.

The first rule of engagement here states that regardless of the situation, any adult involved in any sort of sexual relationship with a child is entirely at fault and takes full responsibility for their actions. But I believe that we can do a better job of guiding our children away from these dangers, and do it without the typical paranoid behavior we all saw after 9-11. With that said, today's topic is going to make you aware of children that are the most vulnerable and walk you through exactly how a predator and even another teen can take advantage of a child in this situation; because not all predators are pedophiles.