01 May 2010

Do it better than Lady Gaga III

Alright, we're back. Last month Lady Gaga said that celibacy was the way to go for her fans. After all shes been celibate for the past year so why not, right?

Regardless of what Gaga is saying, here are you next two tips.

Second tip, 'find someone who has done it, or someone you can do it with'. This is more of a possibility than you might think. Use someone whose succeeded to ask them questions about their decision and how they got through the tough parts. And if you can only find someone thats willing to support you the whole way through, but hasn't done it, then thats cool too. Use them as an accountability partner. Check in every week or so and describe how things have been going. My only suggestion with this is to make sure your accountability partner is the same sex as you.

The next step goes with number two. 'Get around people who are going to encourage you'. Stay away from people who think this sort of thing is a bad idea. And just like Gaga, have the confidence to stick to your guns when you are approached with opposition.

Just make sure you do it better than Lady Gaga. Check out 'Do it better than Lady Gaga IV'.