07 May 2010

Cyber Slave Market

This time the news reporters have it right. ABC has a load of current information on sex traffick and whats being done to curve the problem. A new story was created today with an old problem. By now law officials and even the victims know that sex traffick itself isn't the root of the problem. The problem has always been about how people view the crime. This determines how soon we respond to someone's need, or if we respond at all.

Things you should be asking

So, if you're past the initial shock of the sex trade in America, then you're probably asking questions about whats being done by law enforcement and politicians". You may even ask about how this crime could affect your family. From what I've seen and read, this crime has the potential to secretly creep into the lives of everyone in society. Because of the Internet, prostitution has become a covert business model, that can easily blend in with our homes and businesses.

Do you know the laws on human trafficking in your state, country or province? Do police arrest minors forced into prostitution? Are you aware of sex tourism laws in your country?

Most johns admit that fines, public ­exposure, employers being informed or the risk of a criminal record would stop them from buying sex. But discovering whether or not the women were ­trafficked, pimped or forced into prostitution wasn't enough to make them decide not to use those individuals.

"They would just send me to jail and keep me here for like a couple of months, then they'd release me thinking everything's good ... I was scared to run to the police or cops or something because you know ... I don't think they'd really listen. They try to set up a date with you knowing that you were a minor. They didn't care." -former traffick victim