05 August 2010

Xclaim, Xpresses human trafficking

Xclaim, a "Contemporary Jazz Dance Ensamble", started out as Mariah Layne's vision to use the art of dance to change the world. From August 6-8, ten dancers will perform choreographed pieces to raise awareness for human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

"We don’t want to be restaveks"

The New York Times did a story in 2008 on the poorest of the poor in Haiti. They are called restaveks. Restaffs are Haitian children forced into domestic labor without pay or, sometimes, decent living conditions. I chose to share this story, and (in the future) others like it because I think it's a timeless photograph into a person's life.

After a natural disaster, it's easily for me to forget about the destitute situation that dirt poor Haitians, and others, have to live out everyday. I hope this serves as a reminder to us all that people from all walks of life are the same. And if our circumstances afford us the opportunity to give some of what we have to those less fortunate, then we should do just that.