21 April 2010

New Low for Mafia or New High for Media

"The mob, as we see it today, has lost all respect, lost all the historical culture that it was intended to have since 1931, and that's because they're becoming their own best customers within the drug culture."-Joe Coffey, former commanding officer of the New York Police Department's organized crime unit.

This is old news and a statement to make about a small time two bit, street gang on the corner that is very unorganized. Not the Mafia. The cops and politicians are more tied to these guys than we will ever know, and thats not to exclude the FBI. Who cares if you finally caught a female in their crew?

The problem isn't the envolvment of a gangsterette. The problem is this has been going on for some time now and you treat it like its new; but its not.

I came across a book a few months ago about this very topic. Organized crime using young women to provide unique services to the elite in our community. The book, Thrilling Stories of White Slavery, by Carle C. Quale. As you can see its not a new topic and its not even original.

Tactics used to lure young women, using other women is as old as prostitution itself. But trafficking of women in this country, well thats atleast a century old by what the book tells us.

Drugs, guns and prostitution are all said to go hand in hand. What about prostitution and black mail? Just one example, but it sounds like a great way to get a politician or judge wrapped around your finger.

I got an idea! Lets stop treating the public, who by the way pays for all this adult investigative adventure stuff, and keep them in the loop. I bet if this was talked about generations ago, we would be more on the look out and less surprised and off topic.

Inform your kids about how characters in stories like this could impact their lives. The more we talk and the more we act against the kind of people this story talks about, the more prepared our families will be.