21 April 2010

Its My Life, LIVE WITH IT Presents: Ljiljana Raicevic, Women's Safe House, Montenegro

Ljiljana Raicevic, told Amnesty International in 2006 that human trafficking was a global problem. If you find yourself in Montenegro anytime soon be sure to check in with Ljiljana at the Women's Safe House.

Ljiljana is a rare breed. Before recieving the Ginetta Sagan Award by Amnesty International USA in 2006, she was one of the first human rights defenders in her country.

Since going nose to nose with a corrupt government to raise tough human trafficking issues and fight women's human rights wasn't enough, in 1999, she founded the first shelter for women in Montenegro. It serves as THE focal point of service delivery and advocacy work for women who are victims of family violence and human trafficking. The Women's Safe House has housed dozens of women who were tricked into prostitution since then.

She saw a need for better protection programs for female victims early on and along with the Women's Safe House, Ljiljana successfully lobbied for the adoption of the Witness Protection Law by the Montenegrin Parliament. Take her serious.

In a place where victims have no hope of escape from their traffickers but the shelter, she stands out in a crowd of 'Bottom-line' organization heads that always have a way out if things get too stressful. Ljiljana is truely a much needed hero to the women in her country.

When asked, "what can I do to help?". Ljiljana replied:

"Be active and join to some organization active in this field, maybe a (women) NGO which assist victims. Corragio!"

So, don't live through Ljiljana, like with her as she tackles sex trafficking on the front lines.

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