21 April 2010

The "Who's Who" of Sex Trafficking

I was asked a question on Facebook a few weeks ago about an article from the Chicago Tribune's Mary Schmich. I posted on sex trafficking being a problem here in America and not just over seas. I contacted Mary on a number of occasions and she was not available to respond.

To bring you up to speed, we discussed an idea about tackling the demand side of sex trafficking. You shut down the demand for services provided by women and girls who are force into prostitution, and this would be the key to turning the whole industry around. Well today I want to start with who the traffickers are. The people who are responsible for connecting the prostitute with the john; the child actor or actress and the pedophile.

Traffickers consist of a lot of different roles, not just the pimps we hear about. The list includes:
Investors - who fund trafficking.

Recruiters – who find people to traffic; they are often members of the same community as the victims.

Transporters – who facilitate the departure and transnational movement of trafficked persons.

Corrupt public officials – who assist in obtaining unlawful travel document, or accept bribes to enable migrants to enter/exit illegally.

Informers – who investigate immigration and transit procedures, asylum systems, and border crossings.

Supporting Investors - who fund trafficking.

Personnel and Specialists – who provide other services such as accommodation.

Debt-collectors – who collects fees. Money movers – who launders the proceeds of trafficking

Surprised? Well this is just the tip of the ice berg. Who the johns are and who the victims are may surprise you too. And on a positive note, I'm also going to cover who is standing up and making a difference in the sex trade.

To be continued ...