17 April 2010

Lemoore Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting Another Man

A 20-yer-old man is held in a house against his will and sexaully assaulted before escaping.

47-year-old Randy Lee Chiles was placed in a Kings County Jail on Friday with charges of false imprisonment, human trafficking, robbery and sexual assault charges.

Police say this is a serious case of a man being sexually assaulted, beaten and held against his will, but the suspect's wife says its been overblown.

Chiles' wife says that he was only teaching the boy a lesson after stealing their son's iPod. She stands by her husband and insists that he is not guilty of any sex crimes.

Lemoore Police Chief Jeff Laws said, "He escaped from the residence and ran to another residence and asked for help and we do believe he was sexually assaulted while he was tied up in that residence."

Chief Laws also states that the victim was an aquaintance of Chiles, and that he came into the house willingly, but later, was tied up and sexually assaulted.

Neighbors were shocked to hear the charges, stating its "sort of scary being so close to home it's a pretty quiet neighborhood everybody gets along with everybody and not too much happens."

Chiles is being held on $315,000 bail.