29 April 2010

Do it better than Lady Gaga II

Last week in the post about Mac's Viva Glam campaign, Lady Gaga suggested her fans become celibate to protect themselves from the Aids virus. The campaign supports global HIV and aids projects.

As promised, I'm picking up were she left off, giving you the 'how to' on celibacy. Yes, its cool if this isn't your choice right now. And yes, these tips work! Today ... tip 1.

The first thing you want to do is 'make the decision'. Make sure this is something you really want to do. It can be great if you are doing it for the right reasons, but considered another waste of time if you don't start with the right attitude and fail early.

Do like Gaga. Be the first in your peer group to raise your hand and stand out. Even if your past is a little messy, Gaga says its still cool. But if I were you, I'd do it better than Lady Gaga.

The next tip ... May 1st. Stay with me on this. It gets good.