07 July 2010

Time isn't your only resource

So, you like the cause. You want to help victims of the sex trade, and as a matter a fact, you have this urge to run out and rescue a child every time it comes up. And then you start to think... "man, my life's got problems. Plus, I'm just too busy for this sort of thing". Let me add a suggestion - sponsor.

Emily Fitchpatrick says, "sponsorship is a GREAT idea!! For us, it takes $125 a week to provide shelter, clothing, hygiene products and feed a resident. We also have a 17-year old resident in the process of raising $5,000 for Esthetic School in September. This would be a great opportunity for her."

So, is it possible for a church, organization, or person to know a set amount needed to sponsor a child, or would it be better to set up sponsorship arrangements once they leave a program, such as supply tuition for classes and/or job training?

It would've taken you longer to ask that question and wait for a response than to support them both. Not that asking questions isn't what you should do.

I know I made this sound really simple and quick. But thats how we see it when our emotions kick in.

The next time someone mentions volunteering, you can give a confident, "no, I don't have time". But keep asking questions to see how your situation can work with theres. Maybe you only help out during a project or an event. But a one time gift of such and such is what everyone else does. Lets try to change it up this time around.