08 July 2010

Loose the labels

The next time you run across someone with a title or label, ask yourself a question. How do I feel about this person's label? Does their label, somehow, bring us together, or create a gap?

Jacqueline Novogratz said, "what you call people distances us from them, and makes them little". That came after meeting a hard working African mother. The young mother was single, had three kids, and ran a sowing business. She saved up enough money to meet a match loan, making her a first time home owner.

The label Jacqueline was talking about was prostitute, because after her husband left, thats how the young African mother provided for her family. Thats how she survived.

What popular labels are keeping from making the greatest impact on the greatest need? How are you going to confront these labels?

Because the real truth is, for some people, all they need is for you to offer a choice... and that makes all the difference.