09 July 2010

Abuse doesn't have to leave stains

August 1st, the highly anticipated Shoe Revolt will launch it's fund raising enterprise to fight against domestic child trafficking.

The Shoe Revolt collects women's new and used shoes to be sold for a profit. The funds raised will go to benefit girls in need of rehabilitation from the sex trade.

The founder, Ateba Crocker, has a tender spot in her heart for these girls. She knows about the stains of abuse all too well. Her own story starts with abuse from her father starting at the age of 10. She later became a prostitute herself to support a young family.

But after growing up in an abusive environment, Ateba still has a light in her eye. She has her sights set on making sure as many girls get rehabilitated as possible. And she understands exactly what that means.

Ateba says, "this care is expensive, and often girls need to stay in programs for years until they are able to support themselves," ... "Our goal is to help provide safe places for victims to recover from their horrifying experiences. The fight doesn't stop when a victim is rescued – it stops when she is healing and living a life free of sexual exploitation."

ShoeRevolt.com is an online shoe boutique that raises awareness, inspires, and empowers women to donate high-end shoes to eradicate human trafficking in the United States with every donated shoe sold. Celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Emily West and Zöe Bell have donated shoes from their collections, as have executives, lawyers, politicians and stay-at-home moms.

Watch Ateba or visit ShoeRevolt.com.