06 July 2010

When churches fight

In a recent phone interview with actor/writer/film maker Michael Cory Davis, I got a chance to hear him express an interesting equation. Churches plus unity equales zero domestic child trafficking.

In other words, the local churches in America commit to take action, partner with other churches, hold each other accountable, and fight - all at the same time. Michael says the numbers are real. Theres 100,000 kids, mostly American, on the streets right now - and thats a low estimate. But in a country with unlimited resources, how is this possible?

So, instead of relying on the government for programs and policies, I want to go with the idea of the church being a solution. Here are some things a church can do in the fight against domestic child trafficking:

1. Sponsor - how much $$ to shelter and feed a victim for a week? Ask someone whose doing it and give.
2. Outreach/Missionary events (motel outreach, truck stop outreach, a street corner or even a whole community)
3. Awareness events (a 50 church spirit walk, poster exhibits, host a film, bring in experts to speak)
4. Special Offerings to give where you see fit
5. Tuition Assistance - also apart of sponsorship (this could also be for girls over 18) and don't forget...
6. Pray

Feel free to add to the list. Get specific. Get a niche. Its only when a large number of churches commit to fight, that people will start to see this crime in a different light.

The list above in no way says [some] churches aren't already doing their part. The purpose of the information given is to point out that maybe we could do something different this fiscal year. Because overall, last year's action plan didn't come close.

Michael Cory Davis | Tuition Assistance | 100,000 minors