21 June 2010

HOW 2 Fight Demand step 3

real MEN don't buy GIRLS!!
Raise Awareness

The third step in combating the DEMAND of sex trafficking requires only one name: Ashton Kutcher. Earlier this month at the release of his new film, Killers, Ashton decided to make a small poster highlighting the words, "REAL MEN DON'T BUY GIRLS!!". It surprised me to see someone from Hollywood leading the fight against sex trafficking, but leave it to Ashton to be the first person to stand up and stand out! Not only is it real awareness, but its simple, easy and all of us can do it.

3.This third step allows you to be a little creative. Work with a local graphic design program at a university or college to create posters aimed at deterring individuals from purchasing sex, like the above. And even if you won't be appearing on any red carpets anytime soon, volunteer to help raise funds to print and exhibit the posters in your community. Or use some of the resources at caase.org/ to download poster designs there.

Ashton's statement is bold and entertaining (in a good way). But its also precise and direct. A perfect example to follow in raising awareness for trafficked victims everywhere.