21 June 2010

Could you not buy sex when I'm getting trafficked

There has been word spread about men who buy sex since for as long as anyone can remember. The comment I heard most recently, and thought myself is, "if men knew the women they were paying to have sex with were trafficked, tricked, enslaved, and/or in danger by a pimp or trafficker, they wouldn't buy sex from these prostitutes". Well we were all wrong. A portion of an article states:
"The UK-based Poppy Project and U.S.-based Prostitution and Research Education Center teamed up to interview 103 men in London who had bought commercial sex. Of those men, 55% believed that the majority of women were lured, tricked, or trafficked into the sex industry unwillingly ..."

... and they still bought sex
"Additionally disturbing was the belief of many men that once a transaction of prostitution began, the woman no longer had a right to refuse sex."
The image to the right, while showing statistics on prostitution, link pornography to grooming tactics used by pimps. A link between the way pornography is viewed, and the viewer's image of sexual relations is expressed when someone purchases sexual services, a type of behavior that high-end escorts and call girls are not excluded from. While being abused by their pimps to stay loyal, prostitutes are also victims of the same abuse the 'porn star' is subjected to in free internet porn. What will it take to end this cycle?