25 June 2010

Chilly Powder, 32 Stitches, Work and Dignity

Sunitha Krishnan, is a super hero to the lost. Recently she has become one of my favorite communicators, and not because of her oracle ability but because of her relatability.

Sunitha is co-founder of Prajwala, an organization focused on helping victims of sex trafficking find shelter and rehabilitation. She has helped more than 3,000 women and children, from ages 3 - 40, all being victims of sexual assault. In September of 2009 after being asked to speak, Sunitha decided to speak of 3 children who were sexually assaulted. Armed with nothing but cute photographs, she was able to touch the hearts of millions. During last years talk Sunitha took time to tell her own story and talk about why she is so passionate about helping the unfortunate, leaving us all to analyze our own actions, thoughts and intentions. While infront of business, government and NGO officials Sunitha used her platform to plead for help and to offer a new way of thinking, so that others can have a new way of life.
"Don't tell me one hundred ways how you can not respond to this problem. Can you apply your mind for that one way you can respond to the problem?"
"I'm asking you, in your limited world, can you open your mind, can you open your hearts ... not as charity but as human beings that deserve all of our support." - Sunitha Krishnan