04 October 2010

California gets an 'A' for accountablity

Earlier this week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed two bills that may change the way California approaches human trafficking all together. Included are not only penalties and seizes, but accountability.

The first bill, SB677, allows courts to seize any property used to facilitate human trafficking. And also imposes civil penalties up to $25,000 to traffickers.

But the second bill, SB657, requires that all major retailers and manufacturers that do business in California show on their websites any steps they have or are currently taking to make sure their product supply chains is free from slavery and trafficking.

The governor thinks these new laws will keep California at the forefront of the fight against human trafficking. I think he's right. And based on the 2010 Polaris Project State Rating Map, California appears to 'do their part' to say the least.

But how does your state rank? Based on your states manufacturing or agricultural demand, what changes could be made to ensure accountability and a slave free environment?