16 August 2010

Operation Abandoned Hope

In the Spring of 2010 a 15-year runaway fled her traffickers to phone her mother for help. Police say she was held captive, supplied drugs and sexually exploited by an unknown number of men.

A unique thing about this case starts with the men charged. Six men are in police custody in Jacksonville, Florida for their direct or indirect involvement in the girl's abuse. But these six men weren't just the girl's sellers. Surprisingly (and just as important), the girl's buyers are also being charged for crimes carrying 10 years to life in prison.

Since the girl's rescue, she has started some well needed therapy. What also started in response to her rescue was Operation Abandoned Hope - a joint effort from the FBI and the Jacksonville Sheriff's office targeting child prostitution.

The result: six indictments were issued against six individuals.

This video clip is a news conference giving names and photos of the accused, ending with a question and answer session.