28 July 2010

100X worse than terrorism

Whats worse than 911? Since 2001 America's Homeland Security has been a hot topic. And calling the world's response paranoia is probably an understatement. But even with the extra security, there was still something we missed.

In the 90s in the city of Ciudad, Juarez, 3,000 women and girls went missing over a four year span. 450 bodies were found. Almost all were raped and murdered, and to this day, this has all happened without a conviction.

The US State Department estimates that more than 20,000 people are trafficked into the US from Mexico every year. Most of these victims are women and children forced into the sex trade. And even in America, they have a better chance of escaping their traffickers (which is also very unlikely) than being rescued.

There are a number of resources available to understand how to approach this problem. Because if we don't confront it, just like in Juarez, almost a generation later, the only thing that will change are the number of bodies found. Now when girls go missing in Juarez, they completely disappear.

Human trafficking has the capacity to cause 100 times the damage as 911. How exactly did this crept in under our noses? And now that we know, with resources readily available, what's our response going to be?