19 June 2010

Ignorance is Blind is Un-Protection

"It is those who doubt and are blind that keep the world in blind ignorance and prevent civilization from protecting its motherhood." - Dr. Carle C. Quale

I'll tell you something crazy ... I believe we can stop the immoral sex trade. It won't be easy or even simple, but I believe we can do it. Because if you think about it, a lot of these problems start when someone is just a child. The trafficker joins a gang and the stronger the gang becomes, well trafficking young women to clientèle is just the next step. And then there's the victim. Very few choose their plight, but the majority want out, but don't know where to go for help, or they can't seem to stay clean, so the resources available do little.

So how do we do it? We use resources to help those that are hurting, yes. But we also use resources for the children. Make new resources, or more of the old ones, doesn't matter when you live in a country with unlimited supply. We make each other aware of problems, then do something significant towards a solution. The fact is, we can't wait another hundred years for someone to do it for us. Our girls can't wait ... our boys can't wait. Learn how to take action today ... and do something.