06 May 2010

Officer Caught With His Pants Down

April▬Atleast five police officers where charged, convicted or fired because of their involvement in a series of sex acts while on duty.

This is a funny photo. A cop pretending he's not enjoying the festivities. Seems harmless, but there are others who weren't so lucky.

Kim Scott Graham, a former Cottage Grove police officer, was sentenced on April 20, 2010 to serve 60 months in prison for his possession of child pornography.

Sergeant Dennis Bell, a Capitol Police officer, was arrested on April 15, 2010 after police raided his home and recovered computers with child pornography.

Nicky Ray Bryant, a former Knoxville police officer, was arrested at his residence on April 19, 2010 on a felony offense, he used a computer to download pornographic images of girls. Nicky was already facing charges for giving teenage girls alcohol in his home.

Sgt. David Schauwecker was fired after the Board of Aldermen and the mayor heared evidence from the investigation centered around child pornography being found on a work computer.

Detective Michael Roger Owen Thomas, formerly of Newport, Gwent, was convicted early in April of 2010 after a jury found him guilty of 11 counts of making indecent images, 10 counts of distributing indecent images and one count of possessing an indecent image of a child.

I've always been curious to know how habits like this start. Last but not least is a guy that you may already know. Three years ago this week, James Randy Moss, a Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper, was accused of receiving oral sex while on duty from a Knoxville porn actress, Barbie Cummings, in exchange for ignoring drug and traffic violations.

In October of 2007, James was indicted on six counts of official misconduct, two counts of official oppression and two counts of tampering with evidence in two separate incidents. The second incident was with an unidentified woman during a separate traffic stop.

Along with being accused of receiving oral sex, the victim accused James of taking photos and video with his cell phone and sending her copies.

The porn star wrote about the encounter on her blog, complete with the photos and video. Someone filed an anonymous complaint against Moss the next day. He resigned May 24, the same day the agency moved to fire him. (click here for the entire article)

I heard a preacher recite words from Romans 12.
2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
He also said, "you become what you think about, or expose yourself to often". I immediately thought about porn; child porn to be exact.

Two suggestions: the government could step in, set new and separate punishments for offenders like the policemen I have described, or we the people can vote to observe a special human sacrifice held once a year for these offenders. You decide, my vote is already in.