20 May 2010

Movie Review

Title: The Bridge to Nowhere - 2009

Genre: Fantasy | Crime | Drama

Status: Released 17 August 2009

Rated: R for drug use, pervasive language, sexual content and violence.

Director: Blair Underwood

Staring: Ving Rhames, Bijou Phillips, Danny Masterson and Alex Breckenridge
This movie is filled with real life situations and dilemmas. The acting isn't the best, but the director's point comes across crystal clear. This will remind everyone that an easy way out will probably take us nowhere fast.

I recommend it for Friday night entertainment or an educational tool involving a handful of young men and women. I rate this movie a 8.5 out of teen, mainly because of the "okay" acting. - Janvier

Plot: The Bridge to Nowhere is the story of four young 20-something men from the rough Upper North Side of Pittsburgh. They are stuck in dead-end jobs and struggle with dysfunctional family lives. The guys, inspired by the images of pop culture and the desire to break away from the neighborhood, regularly scheme to make extra money by running minor underground activities, including: sports booking, poker tournaments and house parties. One night during an evening out the four young men stumble across the "new neighbors", two independent prostitutes, Jasper and Sienna, who end up inspiring a new business idea. Trapped in her own existence, Jasper, agrees to join forces with the young men to create, quite accidentally, what turns out to be an empire that launches each of them into financial riches. Along the way each character battles their own demons regarding the choices they have made. In the end, however, their world comes crashing down on them in grandiose fashion. It's the city of bridges, where water separates the haves and have-nots, the bridge they sought so desperately to cross ultimately ends up being The Bridge To Nowhere.
Contains: profanity, organized crime, violence, nudity, racism, prostitution, drug trafficking