09 June 2010

The Benefits of Decriminalizing Prostitution

This post was created to educate you on the benefits of legalizing prostitution in America. I ask that you approach this post with an open mind.

Currently most everywhere in the United States, our legal system penalizes prostitutes and their customers for what they do as consenting adults. Once caught, justice departments have to process these people through very expensive systems.

If we allow prostitution to remain hidden from view and basically invisible to the law as it is today, we allow a number of teens to be swept up into prostitution every year. When adult women decide to exchange money for sex, it is a personal choice open to them under the philosophy of a free, democratic society. When troubled minors who do not yet have the social survival skills decide to prostitute, they are often manipulated by opportunists who exploit these teens, typically leading to horrific ends.

When prostitutes operate independently and in secret, many times they become abused by their own customers. [Legalizing prostitution will help prevent these instances through regulation].

Legalized, regulated prostitution has many benefits. Encounters can happen within controlled environments that bring about safety for both the customers and the prostitutes.

Prostitutes would no longer be strong-armed by pimps or organized crime rings.Underage prostitution would be curtailed. There would also be health-safety improvements.

Pimps and organized crime figures, who regularly treat their workers on subhuman levels, would no longer control women. [Legalizing prostitution would prevent underground prostitution that occurs today].

With that said ... the facts still remain.